Alyson Time

Who doesn't enjoy a little alone time?  I love myself some, what I've come to call, "Alyson time!"  I am able to enjoy a few hours to myself every day after work (I get home around 3:45) since Chris doesn't get home from work until 6ish but I spend those few hours checking my twitter feed and/or reading photography related articles.  As much as I do enjoy learning about photography, those few hours aren't really spent doing something I want to do.

Since Chris started massage therapy school in July I have had more chances to really enjoy "Alyson time." Thursdays have become the afternoons where I put everything aside and really enjoy me time.  This past Thursday I documented some of the things I "get to do" when Chris is around.  When the cat's away, the mice come out to play!  Right?

I started my night with my new library book.  No interruptions. 
I read my book while soaking in a warm bath after an hour long run with a friend.  Again, no interruptions.  
 I was able to spend as much time on Twitter I wanted without because asked to get off because "you spend way too much time on that phone" (even though I know I do). 
 Watched the first episode of the first season of 24 on our new TV.  Jack Bauer, oh how I've missed you. 
 I had a milkshake for dinner.  
 Watched the Special Features from Moneyball.  I needed some Brad in my life and new I should wait for Chris to watch the movie.  

I then watched my favorite Thursday TV line-up; Person of Interest and The Mentalist while I waited, like the good wife I am, for Chris to get home from his class around 11ish.  

Please don't get me wrong, I do LOVE spending time with Chris and look forward to seeing him when he gets home every day.  I just hate it for him that he has to be in class until late after working a full day and then doing the same thing again the next day.  But if I'm going to have a few extra hours in my afternoon to myself I might as well enjoy them, right?  Always look for the positive <---has become my motto.  

How do you spend "you time"? 

Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!


  1. I watch one of my 'guilty pleasure' tv shows or get lost in pinterest. Oh Jack Bauer, I miss him too. looking forward to the 24 movie!
    Reading a book in the bath is the BEST, haven't done that in forever...sigh..

  2. Thanks for stopping by my page to comment! I didn't realize they were making a 24 movie (i'm so behind on the times)!!!! When is it supposed to come out?!?


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