"Oh you shouldn't hug with your leg."

Back in October I got to visit one of my best guy friends Bryan in Santa Monica, CA with my sister Melissa.  I know it's probably silly that I am just getting around to posting about it now but with all of this nice weather and seeing friends' posts of vacations on Facebook inspired me.

This was my second trip to SoCal.  The first was way back in 2004 (I think?) to visit another guy friend (Hi Jeremiah!) in Malibu who was going to school at Pepperdine.  Will you believe me when I tell you he finished in 4 years?!  There's no way I would have considering it took me 5 to finish in PA (embarrassing).  Anyway, I was so excited to get another chance to be in SoCal again and visit Bryan.

Melissa and I had an amazing time and were EXHAUSTED by the end of it!  Being as there was a lot of drinking during the trip I didn't have my "big" camera with me too much.  I am a very clumsy person sober so having my nice camera out with me would have been just plain stupid.  I would have left it somewhere or dropped it on our many leap frogging nights home (yes, you read that right.  I said leap frogging.).  Rest assured I got loads of pictures with my iPhone.  Perhaps I will share some of the photos I took with the phone.  Isn't it funny how phone's have practically placed point and shoots?

Anyway, these were taken our first day there.  We spent a relaxing afternoon close to the Santa Monica Pier.  Bryan had to show us (after being on the news) his surfing skills. I had ever intention of getting in the water to learn how to surf until I put my big toe in it and felt how cold it was.  Melissa was brave and tried though.  Maybe next time, Bry?:)

Leave me on my towel with my camera and a good book and I am more than happy:) 

I thought this was sweet.  A mom and child watching surfers.  

He got up!  Pretty badass if you ask me! 

This scene totally reminds me of Birds. 

I'm embarrassed to say this was the ONLY photo I got with my "big" camera during our 8 mile trek through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Of all things to capture; a nasty ass spider.  It made itself a pretty dope web though.  

We spent some more time down by the Pier then made our way to Venice Beach (via cab) to watch the skate boarders and catch the sunset.  Some of my favorite pictures people take on the beach at sunset/sunrise are ones of people jumping in the air.  I think we were all dragging ass as we had been out late the night before (surprise surprise).  But Bry and Melissa were great sports.  Thanks guys for jumping up and down for me! 

As you can tell, it took them a little while to get synchronized. 

But then they got better! 

This one cracks me up every time I see it.  I'm pretty sure they didn't plan it to look like this.  So great! 

Sister jumping shot

These were supposed to look like we were jumping off the edge of a cliff or something.  Didn't work out as planned but everyone's faces are just priceless.

The sunset from Venice Beach was gorgeous!

I think this one is my favorite (minus Melissa's arm)! 

And these are just some gorgeous flowers Bryan pointed out to me on one of our many walks through Santa Monica.  I am such a sucker for anything pink:)

Do you have any vacation photos you've been wanting to post but haven't gotten around to it yet?  It's never too late:)

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