I'm still here...!

Man oh man, I have been lacking on the posts recently.  I'm afraid to look back and see the last time I actually posted.  Don't worry, I won't bore you with my excuses.

I am UBER excited though!  I am heading to Ireland and Scotland in June with my younger sisters!!!!  I have never been across the big pond and cannot wait to explore a different part of the world and of course take loads of pictures. 

I really don't have anything else too exciting to share/say right now but still wanted to share what I've been up to via iPhone (I've also been lacking with Friday Photo Dumps).  

I've been enjoying... 

Spending hungover Sundays in the sun with the husband

beautiful blooms

Hammock Time

St. Pattys in Chicago with my sisters (yes, they are twins). 

Gorgeous skies 

Sunsets from the back deck

Exploring Chicago on an unseasonable warm St. Pattys day

First day of Spring

The taste of Spring

Happy April Fools everyone!  What have you jokesters been up to today?

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