Scavenger Hunt Monday

This week's Scavenger Hunt was a fun one.  A lot to do with the outdoors (at least for me) and changing my perspective.  I love Spring and everything most things it brings.

1. Clouds
View of the sky from the car through the sunroof on a gorgeous afternoon.  Don't worry, I was parked in our driveway;) 

 2. Low Angle
Yesterday, I went with my husband and mother-in-law on a nice long walk through Sewickley.  They My mother-in-law was very patient while I stopped for my many photo opportunities.  

 3. High Angle
This was taken during another gorgeous Spring walk.  So glad I captured the little guy here.  He was hard to get.  

 4. Sun Flare
One of my favorite things to shoot these days is sun flare.   

5. Seven
For those of you who don't know American Sign Language this is the sign for "7" 

I hope everyone's Monday wasn't too horrible.  I have yet another headache.  YUCK!  Stupid allergies (this is why I don't love everything Spring). 


  1. What a great collection - love your framing on the first shot and the perspective on low angle. Great work.

  2. Love the 7 shot! I used to be a deaf interp. for kids :) loved seeing that!

  3. Great photos! I especially love the low angle.

  4. Very nice low angle shot, and the way you changed the angle of the camera even from the low angle to a diagonal one. Nice!


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