Sunday morning stroll

A few Sundays ago Chris, Mrs. Cornman and I walked through Sewickley.  It was predicted to be another beautiful day and Chris and I just needed to get out for some fresh air.  Nothing a nice walk can't cure:)

And, I just "happened" to have my camera with me;)

I think this might be my favorite photo.  I love One Way signs.  

My favorite route to the heights by foot.  

Only in Sewickley on Woodland Road would you see a Rolls Royce out for a Sunday drive. 

My favorite street in Sewickley.  A Very close second is Woodland. 

The background was not this original color (obviously it was the sky).  I played around a little in Lightroom and saw this.  I love the contrast.  

Favorite flower!

Beautiful end to a nice 3-4 mile walk.  

Weather here in Pittsburgh has been chilly the last few days.  Lucky for me I spent my Easter weekend in St. Louis with my parents and sister where we had nothing but blue sky and 70 degrees!  Seeing these pictures again reminds me of what a lovely March we had and makes me want it back.  Like NOW!

What have you been up to this Spring?  Gotten any photos that you just love?  

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