I am thankful for...

*My husband.  I am lucky to be married to a man who I seriously cannot get enough of and who makes me laugh.  He puts up with me and my many moods.  What's not to love?

*My family.  Even though I am not able to see them this Thanksgiving I am grateful they are all still alive and healthy.  

*My in-laws.  I am grateful for my second family who I am spending Thanksgiving with.  They have never once made me feel like I don't belong.

*My friends.  I am grateful to the extra girl time I get with old friends and coworkers.  Otherwise I would sometimes go insane. 

*Work.  I am grateful I get to spend 3 days a week with a 3 year old and 7 month old who never cease to make my laugh.  

*My health.  Even though I learned I have a sensitivity to dairy and gluten (I love cheese and pasta) it has forced me to try new things which has led to a much healthier diet. 

*My sight.  I am grateful I have the ability to be able to see to take photos.  

*Music.  I am grateful for WYEP and Pandora for introducing me to new music and reminding me of tunes I have forgotten I loved. 

*My home.  I am grateful to have a warm place to come home to.

*Laundry.  I am thankful for my overflowing laundry basket because that means we have plenty of clothes to wear.  

*Experiences.  I am grateful for everything I have been through to get me to where I am today.  

and much much more.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  

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