Music Monday

I love discovering new music.  One of my life's missions is to discover new music that no one I know knows and share with them the greatness of what I have discovered.  I have always enjoyed a good tune.  Growing up in the south, I first liked country then my taste turned to pop then again to country.  It was not until the Garden State OST that I was introduced to indie rock and my love for this genre truly began.  

Back when it was cool to have Myspace (yes, it was once cool) I loved browsing for different artists to play on my page.  I love the feeling as though I am the one to discover the artist.  My love for great and unique music has only gotten greater as I have gotten older.  Lucky for me, husband and I share the same taste.  

While I know they are more popular now, some of my favorites are Death Cab for Cutie, Florence & The Machine, The xx, Bon Iver, Adele, The Postal Service and Mumford & Sons.  

I am very lucky to live in a city that has a radio station (WYEP) that plays the type of music I have grown to so admire, love and have a passion for.  It was WYEP that recently introduced me to my 
(and now husbands) new favorite band.  Frightened Rabbit.  They are from Scotland with a frontman who fits the image of a Scottish man singing in an indie rock band perfectly and sounds very similar to everyone's favorite Grey's Anatomy circa 2006 Snow Patrol.  

Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital 

Since "discovering" them I have been playing their Pandora radio station all weekend and cannot get enough.  Seriously.  Every song is, in my humble opinion, amaze balls.   Yes, that good.  And what a better way to end your Monday and start your holiday week than with new music to help get you through.    

I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have and do pass on the good word if you do.  But please not too much because I really don't want have to pay more than $50 to see them in concert (I know how selfish of me).  Thanks in advance:)

Cheers to another Monday gone and one day closer to the long weekend ahead of us (at least in the US)! 

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