guten morgen

Got woken up by husband at 10am singing the Dawson's Creek song. 
I would be more sore about it but I needed to get up. 
And I mean, who doesn't love catching their man singing an embarrassing 90s throwback song?  
Not this girl. 

My mom left yesterday and it was a wonderful visit. 
Days filled of long walks in beautiful weather, middle of the day cocktails, and drinking copious amounts of red at night while playing games leads one to feeling pretty exhausted.  
Apparently I needed the 10+ hours of sleep.  I actually feel rested. 

While husband was upstairs crossing off items on his to-do list 
I spent some time catching up on my Twitter feed and enjoying some delicious coffee
while listening to the sound of the birds chirping.  
As much as I do love the hot temperatures of Summer, I think Spring
may be my favorite season.  The smells, the sounds, and the hope I feel
makes it hard not to be. 

I am looking forward to getting back on here on the daily again.  I have actually missed it. 
So, until tomorrow, cheers and I hope you have a great Sunday:) 

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  1. great post! love lazy sundays where I can reflect on life. :) I wish my hubby sang 90's song and had to-do lists.

    1. Aren't they best?!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:)


  2. Hey girl! Newly following you and thanking you for stopping by my blog hop (Let's Be Friends). Keep in touch! I love meeting new bloggers and working with them! :)


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