Reboot the Mission // {Music Monday}

Happy Monday?  Is it ever a happy Monday?  

Anyway, how was everyone's weekend?  We had our first taste of Spring-like weather.  I was supposed to spend most of it cleaning in preparation for my mom's visit but put it off to sit on the back porch and read.  Oopsy Poopsy.  
My weekend was pretty uneventful.  Went to a friend's 30th birthday party Saturday night.  It was nice to see everyone but there were kids everywhere (and having melt downs) so no one got too crazy.  Oh times have changed... 

I am looking forward to this week though:)  My mom visits from STL for a few days.  She gets in tomorrow around 5.  We have plans of spending time in Pittsburgh, see a HS musical, walking and enjoying lots of wine.  As much as I love my mother (I do, I promise), preparing for her visits are always stressful.  Making sure the house is clean enough for her standards and that I don't say anything (usually happens when I have had too much of that red) that she can use in the future to criticize the life I have chosen will be the key to making this visit a successful one.  Albeit stressful, I am very excited and know we will still have loads of fun:) 

Now, on to Music Monday

Who doesn't remember this album cover?:
No?  (I probably just dated myself).  Even though I had this CD in my collection of music, I really never listened to it.  I am pretty sure I stole it from my dad who I think got it from one of those places that used to always mail him CDs as a way to get him to pay more money for a monthly membership for other CDs (anyone else know what I am talking about?  No?  Probably dated myself again).   

I knew The Wallflowers popular stuff that was on the radio but never anymore.  However, while driving to work, jamming to WYEP, I heard their newest song and fell in love.  It was released in October.  I still haven't ordered the new album yet, maybe that will be my next purchase.  Well, maybe after I finally decide to get Frightened Rabbit

The Wallflowers - "Reboot the Mission"

Where you're going has no signs
and you're not rollin' in a straight line
you ought to have me on your mind
I dare you to think otherwise.

Under the water, more water
you keep diving and you won't be recovered
you need a clue, I'll come in closer
I want to tell you, you've had it coming


Eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I've lost my sight, but not the vision
eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I lost my sight, but not the vision

move your body, look alive
Oh, don't you think it wants out some time
it's even better than you've implied
dice on the table, let it ride

the movie's showing over the building
midnight shift's just beginning
oh let your hair down, I watch you singing
I've got to say, you had it coming


No matter how you use it, which way you swing
even the longest day at some point ends
I'll throw your shoes off, hat in the ring
show me a hookshot, the whole thing

welcome Jack, the new drummer,
He jammed with the mighty Joe Strummer
I see Rami, Greg and Stewart
I've to say, Jay, we've had it coming

Since my mom is visiting, I do not plan spending much time blogging so please don't go anywhere.  I'll be back once she is gone full of recaps from her visit:) 

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    I am following you now-love your blog! And that you do Music mondays! :)


  2. I LOVEEEED the wallflowers One Headlight (like millions others) and i'm actually diggin the new song too! Thanks for posting it because with 2 kiddos, my music taste has totes gone astray... and I know about relatives visiting, the stress, and all that. But you gotta do it bc you love 'em!

  3. I haven't heard this before! It's a really good song.

    I just found your post via Music Mondays - It's great to find another blog that shares music!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  4. I remember The Wallflowers!!! My mom and nephew see visiting this weekend and I've been getting things clean and ready for then too! Have fun during your visit, sounds like fun.

  5. they have a new song??? i totally remember that album cover, loved it.


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