throwback tunesday tuesday

^^I think throwback tunesday tuesday should become a thing. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was looking for a charger base (or what do you call those things you plug the cord into?) to plug my new charger cord into, and I came across 2 big, bulky, and white iPods (both my husbands).  Yes, iPods.  So, I did what any normal human being would do, I plugged them both in to check out the songs he was jamming to.  Unfortunately, neither of them worked but I am sure I can guess what were on them:
{all images from Google images}

1 // This song by The Killers.
2 // Any song (but definitely this one) on Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue album.
3 // Any number of songs by Jimmy Eat World but more specifically this song.
4 // Some good ole fashioned Goo Goo Dolls, like Iris.  Afterall, it was his ringtone. 
5 // A personal favorite of mine as well, Fix You by Coldplay
6 // Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz
7 // Blue October that he discovered on MySpace
8 // And speaking of MySpace, I know for a fact this song was his profile song for a while.  Who doesn't love Jared Leto?  I certainly do.
9 // In the End by Linkin Park to take him back to his Cross Country and Track days
10 // Last but not least, anything, but more specifically this one, by Outkast. 

What would you find on an old iPod?
What about your significant others?

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  1. I love listening to the songs I loved in middle school and high school! They make me so happy! I need to whip out my old iPod nano too...I am confident I have some gold sitting on that thing to add to my fun Spotify lists!


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