scenes from the weekend

We ventured to Cleveland, OH in hopes of a buying me a used car.  The used car didn't work out but luckily I have family who live in the area so we stayed the night with them.  Went spent Saturday night catching up, eating Mexican, and drinking a few glasses of wine.  Wouldn't ask for a better way to spend my Saturday night.

We woke up to a familiar site, snow.  Even though I am awfully sick of snow, it sure is beautiful.  After an amazing breakfast (with grits) and lunch, the husband and I headed down to the very frozen Lake Erie for a few photos.  Unfortunately, neither one of us were appropriately dressed for more than 10 minutes of walking on the frozen lake.  It sure was incredible though. 
view from my aunt and uncle's screened-in porch window

lake erie. completely frozen for as far as the eye can see. 

panorama from my phone

see, inappropriately dressed. 

you can't even tell where the lake stops and the sky begins. 

these steps were much easier to get up than they were to get down. 

lighthouse overlooking the lake 

a welcomed indication we are about to cross into PA. 

It was such a nice night to be with family.  I am very lucky to have family so close by. 

How was your weekend?
What's your weather like?
Getting a lot of snow?

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  1. grits sound so good right now. the snow pics are pretty even if you are getting tired of the snow!


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