run. crochet. social. society6. health.

Last week:
run. keep to my 13.1 training. besides running 5 miles yesterday, I didn't run once last week.  
organize. upload my 365 photos and photos to Society.  accomplished. 

This week:
run.  keep to my 13.1 training.  third time's a charm, right?!  (hopefully)
crochet. finish my infinity scarf.
social.  make plans with girlfriends and old co-workers.
society6.  add at least 5 photos a time to my society6 page.  have you seen the new clocks they added?  LOVE. 
health. I didn't sleep well last night and feel a hint of a cold coming on.  I think the 5 miles in the cold and wet, and on top of not running for 2 weeks, really did it to me.  I need to make sure I eat healthy, up the vitamin c, and get good sleep. 

What goals have you set for yourself?
How did you do last week?

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until next time
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  1. I def need to make plans with my friends this week as well..Ive been so cramped up in the house working I think a night out will do me some good. Good luck on your goals this week!

  2. i am midway through a cold myself, i am over it. so hopefully yours doesn't get too bad!

  3. Love that you included making time for girlfriends!! With how busy life has gotten, I've found myself not nurturing certain relationships I really feel I should have...great goal!

  4. I've been so awful with my running lately too, it's pretty shameful! Good luck this week :)

  5. I'm really reaping what I sowed from the previous week of not caring much. I'm now full blown sick and it sucks! Going to the doctor in a foreign language is not something I'm looking forward to. :(

  6. I am obsessed with infinity scarves! Have fun finishing yours!


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