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Today's post is inspired by Amanda's "Runner's Tell All" monthly link-up.  Today's topic is My Running Story in 250 Words.  For more information go here for the monthly topics and possible sponsorship opportunities. 
Me with my first race number. 

My running story begins like most love stories, girl meets boy. 

 Boy is a runner, Girl is not.  Girl wants to lose those extra few pounds she gained in college, Boy suggests running.  

I was once told that if I wanted to get in good running shape, I would have to run fast.  This idea lead to my strong dislike for the sport so I never considered it as an option.  Boy convinced me the opposite was true so I started from the very beginning; running for a minute or 2 then walking a minute or 2. So on and so on.  As I noticed the lbs coming off and how good it made me feel, I decided to tackle my first race, a 5k.  I was just happy to not finish in last place.  

Thanks to the runner's high from the 5k, I decided to train for a half marathon - Chicago in 2008.  I spent that Summer training and surprising myself I actually enjoyed running.  Boy and I completed the half marathon together.  I was ecstatic even though I could barely walk for the next few days. 

I completed another half marathon and a handful of 5ks over the last 6 years.  While Boy and my relationship has remained strong, unfortunately the same cannot be said for Running and me.  However, I am beginning to rebuild that relationship again.  Slowly but surely.

Are you a runner?
How did get you started?
What is the longest distance you have ever ran?

and because this song never gets old... 
Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. and Pharrell Williams) by Robin Thicke on Grooveshark

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  1. I would LOVE to run Chicago half. It's on my race bucket list. This was a cute story :) I wish Jordan was a runner... ah well. haha. I really think people don't understand that you don't have to be fast to be a runner! I'm glad you found that out too. Hope you rekindle your love! Thanks for linking up!

  2. It sounds like a lot of people get sucked into running, starting bit by bit and then somehow they're running 5ks and 1/2 marathons and marathons! I have been starting and stopping with running so many times...I hope we both keep it up!

  3. running is always love/hate for me forever and ever


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