6 miles

A week and a half ago, the husband and I set out on a 6 mile hike through McConnell Mill.  This was our second trip there this year.  It such an easy and quick escape to nature that I am sure we will be visiting at least 3 more times before it gets cold again.  Although, I might have to head up there in the snow for a Winter hike because I know it would be just as beautiful.  Anyway, here are the rest of my photos I took while on our 6 mile hike.  I never realized how big the park was until this day.  We hope to explore the next half the trail on our next adventure.  
^I am not sure if it is just me but I always have such an inner struggle with wanting to just take it all in or taking a photo.  As we drove past a giant field of these wildflowers and I found myself fighting those conflicting thoughts.  As we turned the bend and passed the field, I shouted asked for the husband to stop so I could photograph them.  Lucky for me, I have a very patient husband (even though he threatens me with "no camera" hikes).  

^Look familiar?  Even more beautiful surrounded by all of the green. 

^I liked the spider webs.

^I was surprised how high we were once we got to the top.  

^half way point. 

^a little friend that startled me as he crossed our path.

^inside the covered bridge.  

Our butts were definitely kicked after the hike.  It pretty much took us all week to recover.  I forget how far 6 miles really is and how much hiking up hills will take out of you.  We had better build up if we ever hope to walk across the country one day:)

Do you have a favorite photo?
Do you have a hard time knowing when to take it all in or documenting it with a photo?
Where do you go to escape city life?

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  1. Such pretty photos! My favorite is the tree with all the love initials carved in!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  2. I love that frog! Such a great shot! :)

  3. These are beautiful!! I wish I had closer access to landscape like this, but alas, it's only beaches and swamps here in South Florida. Nothing is more refreshing than a proper hike through hills or mountains. And I love that first wildflower shot - definitely worth making your husband stop for! :)


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