swimming, camping, and canoeing oh my

The weekend before last, the husband and I got away again for the night and spent time in Cook Forest for the first time.  I am not sure about him, but I think it may be my new favorite camping area.  

We got a bit of a later start to our day than we wanted but we took full advantage of the time we had once we arrived.  After picking our camping spot, which we both thought was a little bit too central for our taste, we headed to the pool for a little sun and reading.  The pool was horribly cold so all I did was dip my feet in.   But since it wasn't too hot it was the perfect first pool day of 2014.  

Since I failed to make a list, I am usually a list maker, I forgot my tennis shoes (and would have forgotten our tent, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags if the husband hadn't remembered) so we weren't able to hike but we did take a little walk around the grounds just to get a feel for the place.  There were so many options of places to camp so we hope to reserve those spots ahead of time the next time we plan on visiting. 

As goes with being in nature, I did not have any cell service, so we listened to the Pirate's game on the radio.  Even though you may not be able to tell from the photo below, the husband was pretty happy about it. 

^^not far from our campsite.  too close to everything and everyone else. 

After the game was over, we started the fire, grilled some hot dogs, and drank some gin and sodas until it was time to turn in for the night. 

^morning sun

After getting our tent all packed away we headed for a good ole fashioned country breakfast at Farmer's Inn not even a mile down the road.  Just what we needed after a night of camping.  

After breakfast we decided, since I forgot my shoes, to rent a canoe and canoe 4 miles down the Clarion River.  It was probably my favorite part of our 24 hours spent there.  If you can't tell from the photos,  I didn't do much of the rowing.  Just took photos. 

We pulled the canoe off the river just in time for the clouds to form and the rain to begin.  We had hoped to walk through the old growth section of the park but decided to head back since the rain didn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.  Next time, Cook Forest, next time.  

All of the photos above were taken with my iPhone5 and edited in Afterlight using the Hollow filter.  I am very pleased how well they turned out since they only came from my phone.  Technology these days, I tell ya.  And I used to think the iPhone3 camera was good.. 
Are you a camper?
Do you use your phone for photos a lot?
If so, do you have a favorite photo editing app?

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  1. Great photos! We went camping last weekend and it was so nice to escape the big city and reconnect with nature.

  2. Oh, this looks fantastic! I really love kayaking and being on the water-- and canoeing is certainly a good second. Ok, definitely adding this to our places to check out. We had no cell signal on our camping trip either, which I love. It's a true get away.


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