I took the Monday after the Pittsburgh 13.1 off.  I had a feeling I would be pretty beat up and knew it would not be a good day to be with my girlfriends.  I knew I needed to get the blood pumping through my legs to recover a little faster, so the husband (Mondays are his Sundays) and I took a walk to our local library.  

We live in Ambridge, PA, a suburb NW of Pittsburgh.  It once thrived as a steel town in the 50s, 60s, and 70s until the mills were closed in the early 80s.  While there is much character and history to this small town, most of the storefronts are bare and/or boarded up.   However, there are many streets and homes hidden from the main drag that are well cared for.  Those hidden streets are what make the walk through to town more enjoyable.  

Grape vines on the side of the Rapp House in Old Economy Village. 

The Laughlin Memorial Library is small but I love it's architecture.  So much character. 

There are also a few antique shops along the way that are always fun to walk through when you aren't with your husband have the time.  

As much as the city of Ambridge has deteriorated over the years, there is character.  With a local coffee shop a block from our house and yoga study opening in the heart of the town,  I have a feeling things are slowly starting to turn around though.  

Where are you from?
What are you favorite things about the city you live in?
Do you explore your city often?

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