^what my Sunday morning looked like.

The beautiful weather we had over the weekend put a damper on my productivity.  I didn't get up from my seat on our back deck but to eat and then when my phone died.  Then I just moved to the front porch swing once the Sun was in the my face out back.  And I 100% did not hate it.  Weekends like this past one are my favorite.  This week is for catching up. 

I will... keep up the running.  I am really loving this whole running thing.  I am starting to notice my legs are starting to look stronger.  Runner legs are a great motivator. 
I will... attend yoga with husband when he teaches.  My flexibility is absolute crap and running does not help.  I need to work on it more. 
I will... edit photos from our trip to Asheville, NC 10 at a time.  I surprised myself and only took 200 photos the entire trip so this shouldn't be too hard. 
I will... continue to work on project for my little girlfriends. 
I will... research how to complete a DIY wedding gift idea I have for a friend who got married back in Nov.  It's been something I have been meaning to do but have been putting off.  I just need to make it a priority. 
I will... continue to eat low carb and sugar.  

How was your weekend?
Do you find it hard to be productive when it's nice outside?
What are your goals for the month on June? 
(when did it get to be June?)

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  1. Good for you on making DIY gifts - those are always a favorite anyways.
    Keep up the running! So good for your whole body - inside & out!

  2. I drank my coffee out of the same mug with a B on my patio yesterday. It was lovely.

  3. Just discovered your blog (where have I been?!?!?!) haha.

    Loving your blog, good luck with your goals for June.


  4. So great that you're running! It used to be my absolute favorite activity and then I stopped for no reason. I went on a run yesterday morning and it was so liberating! Cheers to nicer weather and many more runs this month :)

  5. your sunday morning looks awesome :) good luck with your goals, especially the low carb and low sugar - that would be the most challenging for me!

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  6. hopping over from weekly wishes! :) that must be nice to have a husband that teaches yoga! i can't even get mine to go with me. i'm hoping to pick up running again.. kinda slacked last month. this weekend... we just got back from a 5 day road trip. best of luck on your goals in june!

  7. I find myself being more productive when the weather is nice because I want to go out. My productivity drops to an all time low when it's negative degrees and a blizzard lol

    Great goals - good luck!

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)


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