morning fog {find beauty friday}

I had a completely different idea for today's Find Beauty Friday post.  But then I was driving to work this morning and this happened.  Reason number 21673131864 why I love mornings.  You just never know what you are going to get. 
Happy Friday! 

What is your morning commute like?
Does it ever stop you in your tracks?
What are your plans for the last weekend in June (<--what)?

Linking up with Aimee and Whitney today!

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  1. For my morning commute, I drive under this huge bridge that all the planes coming in and out of the Nashville airport drive over. Then parallel to the road is the take off strip. Sometimes it's really cool to see the planes taking off right beside me as I'm driving.


  2. Gorgeous! Cloudy sunsets and sunrises and foggy landscapes are my favourite! :)


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