Monday Funday

Recently I sorta played hooky and spent the day home on a Monday with Chris.  We really didn't sleep well the night before so the extra day off helped us rejuvenate (well for me) for yet another week.  After I napped for a few hours and Chris rested in his own way we both started to get a little stir crazy.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided go for a walk/hike.

One of my favorite things to do is explore parks in the area I have never been to.  The closest one I hadn't been to was Brush Creek Park in Beaver Falls, PA (in the middle of nowhere).  I had never heard of it but Chris ran there in high school a few times for MACs (not sure what it stands for - running was not my thing).  I fell in love with the pictures of the place when I googled it because of the covered bridge.  I love bridges but REALLY love covered bridges.

Knowing I wanted to get photos of the covered bridge we drove a few miles deeper into the park.  I (being the one who drives often because I get car sick pretty easily) passed the parking spot closest to the covered bridge.  I kept going thinking there was a spot EVEN closer (I can be really lazy sometimes).  Alas, there was not, so we trail-blazed a little from our parking spot to the covered bridge.  As always, I had my camera with me and was already starting to annoy Chris by stopping to get a photo of the log, the leaves, the trees, the sun shining through the trees, our shadows, etc (you know how it goes).  It wasn't until I took my finger off the trigger for a few seconds and looked at my screen to see the photos I had just taken that I realized that I had left the camera chip AT HOME!  After a profanity or two (and maybe a little tantrum) I remembered I had my iPhone.  iPhone to the rescue!  I'm sure Chris was just thrilled;)

I am still a little disappointed I wasn't able to get pictures with my "big camera" (hehe Jenny, get it?) but so glad I had something with me to capture the moments from the walk.

Most of the photos were taken with my Hipstamatic App but a few with Cross Process.  Since Hipstamatic has added a "favorites" (where I can keep all my favorite lens/film combinations) I have been using it a lot more.  Before I was so intimated and overwhelmed.  Now, I love (bordering obsessed) it!  
light at the end of the tunnel. 
reflecting sun
keep keepin on
view from the top
peering over
looking through 
no hunting
One of the problems with being the one always having the camera and taking the pictures is I rarely have a photo of myself.  Chris dared me to walk across this log.  I tossed him my phone to get the photo.  And yes, however not gracefully, I did make it.  No broken bones either;)

shining on 
entrance - Instagram 
Wouldn't that bridge be just perfect for a photo shoot?!  Hint Hint;)

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