music that speaks to me

In case you haven't already figured it out, I love music.
 I love discovering new music and get just as excited
when I hear an oldie that i haven't heard in a while.  
What  I love about music is how much it can take you
back to a specific time as though you are living it all over again. 

Today's prompt is to list 5 songs or pieces of music that speak to you
or bring back memories.  Since the prompt only asked for 5,
I am going to stick to that.  Otherwise, this post
could get really long.  Serious. 

Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
This one reminds of me car rides in the back of my parents' suburban when I was a kid. 

Moondance by Van Morrison.
This reminds me of Summer nights in our old backyard, jumping on the trampoline to the smell of my dad cooking on the grill. 

Crush by Dave Matthews Band.
or really any DMB song.  

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. 
This was our wedding song.  The husband and I started dating the summer this song was popular.  So it definitely takes me back not only our wedding day but those initial butterflies i had when we first met:)

The Ludlow Song from Legends of the Fall. 
If you know this movie then I know you understand the emotion I feel listening to this.  I actually chose it as the song to walk down the aisle to on our wedding day.  And yes, this was when my Brad Pitt obsession began.  I mean, look at him! (you only need bother yourself at 1:48)


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  1. Aw, love Snow Patrol, that's such a great song!

  2. I love Chasing Cars, great choice for a wedding song!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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