what makes me uncomfortable

Some of my favorites have been participating in a blog everyday in May challenge from Story of My Life.
I would like to think I could have something to say every day in the month of May (even if she does have prompts) but I know better.
However, I thought today's prompt "What makes me uncomfortable" would be fun.

I am uncomfortable when
... I see someone out in public that I haven't seen in a while.  I never know what to say.
... speaking in front of a group of my peers.
... I cannot find my phone.  Sad, but true.
... I see a cop car even when I know I did nothing wrong.
... someone else takes a picture of me.  To this day, I look like this when someone pulls out a camera:

... snakes.
... people ask how husband and I met.  It is hard to explain and can be awkward because it is kind of hard to explain.  
... I eat too much
... hangovers.
... people around me are fighting.
... the house gets too messy. 
... people compliment my photography.  don't get me wrong, i am always flattered and love hearing someone likes my work but for some reason i never really know what to say.
... I even think about trying to build my blog by participating in giveaways or sponsoring other blogs
... networking. 
... promoting myself. 
... at the gynecologist.
... I am cold. 

I am sure I could go on forever and ever but I would hate to bore you anymore. 
What about you? What makes you uncomfortable? 

Since this is DMB-blaring-with-the-windows-open-time of year I think "Pig" is perfect for #backthatazzup Friday.  I mean, who hasn't done a little hippy dance to this song before? 

Aloha Friday Blog Hop    
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  1. The whole idea of promotion and blogging I think makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. I've even done out a few tines and it still can make me uncomfortable. It's so weird when I see people out that I haven't seen in a long time. I hate the cold. So happy it's Spring.

  2. I love your more frequent posting and I turned Pandora off at my desk at work to JAM OUT to some DMB :)

    1. Thanks! Did you do a little hippie dance?

  3. eww snakes, i can't even think about that!!
    Helene in Between


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