Today's prompt is to list the thing(s) I am most of afraid of.
I have a lot of fears.  Who doesn't, right? 
Some of my fears are serious and some are just plain silly.
Losing the ones I love the most
I am pretty sure this is a common fear for most people.  I am also afraid of those who I do love the most, not knowing how much they mean to me.
Pool drains.
Since I was a kid I was always terrified that alligators or something scarey lived in those things.  I am pretty sure a little friend of mine told me that.  While I do now realize that is not true, I still don't like to swim over them. 
Not living life to the fullest.
There is so much of this world we live in that I want to experience and I can sometimes I get impatient because I feel I am not doing enough of.  I know, it will come, but if we are being honest here, how much time do I really have?  I have no clue.  Besides, I am not a very patient person.

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  Having children.
I cannot wait to be a mother.  And I know I will make a great one.  I just know how much I love the two little girls I nanny for and if I can love two little ones that aren't even mine, how will I feel when I have one that I actually push out of me?  Scares the hell out of me.
Oh and speaking of pushing a little human out of my vajayjay, also terrifies me.  I mean I cannot wait to be pregnant and have a big belly.  I just hear so many horror stories of birth and am terrified something horrible will happen.
I love to travel but I am not a fan of flying.  I use to avoid it at all costs but have slowly started to get better.  I mean I still gasp whenever something beeps, look for others' reactions when there is turbulence or squeeze husband's hand but since I learned how to play Sudoku, silly I know, I am able to keep myself distracted from my anxieties.  A little alcohol never hurts either;)
Yes, I think he is real.  I mean, did you ever see Unsolved Mysteries when you were a kid?!  I did and he looks absolutely terrifying.  But I would be pretty pissed too if people kept coming into my environment trying to take videos or pictures of me.  So I guess I really can't blame the guy (or girl). 
I have really grown to appreciate and love blogging but there are times when sharing my life with complete strangers absolutely terrifies me.  Especially when it is something that is important to me.  Thanks to those of you who do comment and make me feel very welcome as I find my place in the blogosphere.
What are your fears?! 


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  1. I have been terrified of the pool drain ever since the "Rescue 911" episode where the girl's hair got caught in one while she was swimming and she nearly drowned.

    And I love that Pinterest quote. That's a fear of mine too.

  2. Nice comprehensive list of fears... I don't have the pool drain one, but a lot of the others!!! Love the quote/image you used -- I definitely need to do more of that! :)

  3. Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you by the way! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

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  4. I hear you on losing the people you love. I have nightmares about family members dying and think about it far too much. I even worry about my dog dying - she's a really sound sleeper so I sometimes have to shake her awake to make sure she's still with me! Ha! :)

    Also, blogging. I love it but it is so very scary to put yourself out there for anyone with a computer to judge.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

    P.S. I'm doing a sunglasses giveaway on my blog this week! Please feel free to enter.

  5. I think pool drains are a reasonable thing to be scared of. I have watched enough scary movies to know that might just be possible lol.
    Kayleigh htto://thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com


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