April recap, goals + Capturing My Moments {a possible link-up?}

If you are sick of this, sorry? If not, you're welcome. 
But I have to admit, I didn't get it until I sang this song in my head. 

Anyway, Happy May! 
I know I am not alone in thinking "wow where did April go?" 
But I am ready for Cinco de Mayo May and more consistent warm weather. 

To recap this month: 
*This country experienced a lot of sadness.  But it does all of us good to remember, in the face of tragedy, that good and love always prevails. 
*Shared some pretty good tunes, if I don't say so myself, here and here
*I also shared some goals I had for this month. I accepted this girl's challenge to complete 50 miles in 30 days.  And since that didn't seem like enough, I decided to try the Squat Challenge the House of Glass shared.

As for those goals, I completed a total of 50.54 miles.  I did not run them all as I had originally intended but do plan on continuing this.  However, this time I hope to run 30 of the 50 and/or walk 20.  We shall see.
As for the squats, I did pretty good but did not complete the entire challenge.  The most I did was 220 squats.  While I am a little disappointed with myself for not doing it every day, I am proud to say that I didn't just quit but continued it anyway.  And I definitely hope to continue this one as well.

Way back in January, I started out the new year with 5 goals and even though I haven't shared them consistently like I was hoping, I am pretty happy to report that I am doing pretty good.  The husband and I are saving, I have taken one photo everyday since I started in Dec (I have just put off sharing because we need to get a new hard drive because our current one is out of space.  Who runs out of a terabyte of space?  This girl. #photographerproblems), and I have been relatively healthy

So this month, my goals are:
 *to be healthy and continue to only allow myself to have 15-20 grams of a sugar a day.  If I want to actually see the results from all these squats and all the sit-ups I plan on doing, sugar has to be cut back.  Ain't gonna happen otherwise.  So far it hasn't been as hard as one would think.  I also want to give this a go plus some ab work, in addition to the squat challenge and 50 miles in 30 days.. My upper body is weak as hell and have absolutely no definition in my arms.  Besides, how bad ass would be it to be able to say I can 100+  push-ups?
*Blog more often.  At least 3 days a week but hopefully more.  I would also like to start to figure out where I fit in in this blogging world.  Currently, I guess I'd say this is a lifestyle blog but I am not sure how I feel about that category.  Hopefully I'll find my voice.  I am still really enjoying it though:)
*Continue to save save save saaaaave.  If we have been able to save as much as we have in as short of time as we have without having to cut back as much as I thought we would, this whole savings business isn't so bad.
*Be better about spreading the word of my Instagram hashtag #capturingmymoments project.  I love what I have seen so far and so grateful to those who have shared from the beginning but I would really like to see this grow.  Any advice would be great!  I am not much of a sales minded person so I am really at a loss. I would really love this to be a possible link-up.

So with that, here are a few of my favorite April moments:  
How I look after realizing I locked myself out of my car in the cold after a 3 mile run. 

"Clearwater Beach"
{How many of you are dreaming of your toes in the sand, sun shining, and the sound of the water crashing the shore?}

"Strike a pose"
{Stella showing off her best side:)}

"The gangs all here..."
{Looks like a fun night with great friends}

{This looks delicious!}

{Converse American Flag}

"Getting his belly rubbed"

{How happy does this pup looks?}

{Beautiful family on a gorgeous Spring afternoon.}

Thanks to everyone who continues to participate in my little project:)  It is appreciated more than you know!
And to those of you are new, welcome and thanks!

I am liking what I am seeing so far from May!
I hope this is a good predictor of what is to come:)

Monthly Goals 

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  1. Great post, your blog is so adorable, loving the design!

    Thanks for linking up! :D

  2. Yay! You're definitely keeping up with the overall health goal...go you! I love those pics, too (gah! locked out after a run....not fun!)


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