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Soooo, I started Insanity on Monday.  Kicked.  My.  Ass.  And Monday was only the fit test.  Yes, the fit test.  I was so sore yesterday and even more so today.  I knew I was out of shape but didn't really know how much.  Yesterday was my first Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  It was hard.  I wasn't able to complete most of the workouts (but I didn't feel that bad since some of the people on the video couldn't either).  But instead of getting mad at myself (which I would have done in the past) and turn off the tv (which I almost did a couple of times last night) I kept going.  I figured doing something was better than doing nothing. 

Since my ass was dragging all day (I haven't been this beat up since doing CrossFit) I honestly didn't think I would be able to get in today's workout.  But after some coffee, more food, and a little walk with my 11 week old boyfriend, I felt much better so I went ahead and did it.  It wasn't pretty but I finished.  So far I am 3 for 3.  I know how important it is to listen to your body but tomorrow is a Cardio Recovery (whatever that means) so I figured if I feel like death tomorrow it hopefully won't be as bad of workout.  

Here's to Cardio Recovery meaning what I hope it does!

Have you ever done Insanity?
What got you through when you felt like death?

I also weighed in this morning.  123.2lbs. I only gained 1lb from my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago.  And while this would bother me more normally, it was over Thanksgiving so I cannot complain too much.  Could have been, and has been in the past, a lot worse.

How are you doing?
What did you do to watch this Thanksgiving? 

Getting down to the last few weeks of my 365 project.  It truly is amazing how fast time flies when looking back, huh? 
Without further adieu; 
Nov 21, 2013.  Day 336 of 365
"Mercedes Sunrise"

Nov 22, 2013.  Day 337 of 365
"Baden Lights"

Nov 23, 2013.  Day 338 of 365
"Icon Book"

Nov 24, 2013.  Day 339 of 365
"Miner & Stopper"

"The Beer Market"

Nov 25, 2013.  Day 340 of 365
"Good Morning"

Nov 26, 2013.  Day 341 of 365.
"Snowy Trees (2)"

"Snowy Trees"

Nov 27, 2013.  Day 342 of 365.
"Drive Home"

Nov 28, 2013.  Day 343 of 365.
"Thanksgiving Walk"

Nov 29, 2013.  Day 344 of 365.
"Warming Up"

"Strip District Sunset"

Nov 30, 2013.  Day 345 of 365.
"Crappy Pie"

Dec 1, 2013.  Day 346 of 365.
"Old Economy Barn (2)"

"Old Economy Barn"

"Fall Meet Winter"

Dec 2, 2013.  Day 347 of 365.

Dec 3, 2013.  Day 348 of 365.
"Winter Sunset (2)"

"Winter Sunset"

Dec 4, 2013.  Day 349 of 365.

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  1. I have never actually done insantiy. I tried the Ab Ripper part and almost died. I honestly couldn't even get into the position to actually DO most of the work outs! That was a long time ago. I'm sure I'm no more fit than I was then. I've been doing TurboFire and doing pretty well at it. Tomorrow will be day 3 for me! Good luck with the rest of your Insanty!

    Oh, and your photos are beautiful!


  2. I just finished Insanity last week! It is killer but SO worth it. All I can tell you is keep pushing through the results are enough to keep you going! Check out my blog if you want more info on the program!

  3. ahhh go you! listen to your body, but also realize that you're body can work through more soreness than you realize. might want to invest in a foam roller if you don't have one either! they are fantastic for recovery

  4. I started Focus T25 today. I am waddling this afternoon because my thighs burn! I can only imagine how intense insanity is!

  5. There are so many awesome photos in this post. Those that make you wanna go out and explore -even though it's a bit too cold for it. :)

  6. Oh yes I love Insanity! I never would have even considered running if it weren't for Insanity.
    I just bought T25 too. ShaunT is pretty awesome.

  7. awesome photos :) i grew up in baden, so it's so cool to see baden and economy photos!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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