that time when weekend shenanigans lasted the whole week...

Our German visitors arrived the Friday before Thanksgiving.  It was the first time Sebastian had been back to Pitt in 10 years and Aline's (Sebastian's girlfriend) first visit to the city (but second visit to the US).  The husband and Sebastian met in the 6th grade when Sebastian moved to the states from Germany with his family and they have been friends ever since.  Kinda adorable, right?!

After dinner and some drinks we took the party back to our house for more drinks and lots of catching up
Old friends re-united.

And this guy spent the whole weekend on our couch.

On Sunday we ventured into the city to watch the Steelers play the Browns.  I am not sure if it was the freezing temps and bitter wind or the fact the Steelers have been sucking lately but it was dead.  Like creepy dead.  Absolutely no one was out.  We kept expecting zombies to jump out at us. (maybe we watch too much Walking Dead?)

I am not good at taking serious pictures. 

Luckily, the Germans got to see one Steelers win during their visit.  Same can't be said for Thanksgiving night when we lost a close game to the Ravens.  Anyway, after some day drinking we got back to the house to nap a little then decided to go see Catching Fire.  So good by the way.  I am re-reading the series again:)  And finding it just as hard to put down as I did the first time I read it.

I still had to work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but was fortunate enough to get some naps in with little girlfriend so I could stay up long enough to rally and get in on the lovely photo below.  We are so hard. 

The husband just looks special in this one. 

On Tuesday night, we met up with the inlaws for dinner and drinks so Sebastian could see them.  
Sebastian showing my FIL how to "work" his phone. (We'll just leave it at that.)

Since I was the DD for the week (which turned out not to be too bad since I never woke up with a hangover) there are no photos from the Wednesday night bar scene.  I was too tired and sober to take any photos but Thursday we made up for it.  
Aline and I cheersing with our glass of Mimosas while watching the parade and waiting for the boys men to get home from picking up our dinner at Boston Market. (yes you read that right) 

New favorite photo of us.  Waiting for the in-laws to get there for snacks and drinks. 

Girl talk over pumpkin martinis

Celebrating Thanksgiving with my favorite Germans

Thanksgiving dinner a la Boston Market. 

We then headed out around the neighborhood for some fresh air

Then on their last day, I tagged along with the Germans while husband worked, into the city for some lunch, Pittsburgh shopping and coffee before the Germans headed off to the Pitt vs Miami game.  I enjoyed being in the warm with Katniss over 2 cups of Mocha while waiting for the husband to get off work and the game to be over.  We then all met up at the Hofbrauhaus (we just couldn't resist.) Pittsburgh for appetizers and drinks.  Lots of drinks. 

Finally seated after our hour long wait.

That beer is bigger than my head!

Aline introduced me to a new drink, beer mixed with Sprite.  Yes it was good.  Wouldn't think so but it is.  Trust. 

And the boys the morning after.  I felt so bad for Sebastian and Aline since they had to travel home on the red eye.  But they made it home safe and sound.  

We had so much fun with the Germans and were very sad to see them go.  The house is just so quiet without them.  We are already looking at flights to visit Germany next year.

 Now the husband and I are in full de-tox mode.  We had a huge salad yesterday and I started Insanity today.  It was only the Fit Test and it kicked. my. ass.  Like to the point where I wanted to throw up and it was only the Fit Test.  This going to be really interesting... 

How was your Thanksgiving?

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