I knew this week's challenge would be difficult.  It is so easy to capture a smile in a photograph but to capture laughter?  You really need to be there with a camera at just the right moment.  I had tried that approach this week sitting with my coworkers who are always laughing with and at one another so I thought I'd be able to capture at least one laugh.  WRONG.  Unfortunately for me, but a lot like me, my coworkers do not really care to be photographed so they were turning their heads away from the camera not allowing me to get what I wanted.  Thanks a lot coworkers:-P

Luckily, I stumbled across this photo I took a few weeks ago (which you may recognize from this post) and thought it was perfect for this week's laughter photo challenge

I just love this face.  Looks like I told him something that he thought was just hilarious.  

What about you?  What makes you laugh? Do you have any pictures of laughter you'd like to share?  

Almost the weekend!! WOOT WOOT!

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