A few weeks ago Pittsburgh got some snow that actually stuck to the ground.  As with most Sundays, Chris and I headed over to his parents' in Sewickley.  The human Cornmans weren't there but we were greeted with the canine Cornmans (with the new addition barking in the distance) that always put a smile on my face.  With my camera in tow I let them out to play in the snow covered back yard.

This is Ziva, the new addition to the canine Cornman family.  Can you tell she is a shit starter? 

 This is Sammy.  Ziva likes to give him a hard time.  

 And this is Jack.  He is the sweet one.  

See?  Ziva shit starting. 
Thought this one was sweet.  
It looks like I just told Jack something and he thinks it is just HILARIOUS. 
Ziva playing/annoying Sammy
Reconvening to discuss what their next plan of action is.
Patiently waiting for their treats.  Ziva has learned this routine pretty quickly. 
Now can you see why the Cornmans greeting committee brings a smile to my face each time I go over there?

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