Heading into week 6:)

I was actually on top of uploading my photos to Flickr this week.  YAY!  Makes for a stress free and less overwhelming 365 post:)

 Jan 19, 2013.  Day 30 of 365
"Saturday Morning"

Jan 20, 2013.  Day 31 of 365

Jan 21, 2013.  Day 32 of 365

Jan 22, 2013.  Day 33 of 365
"Winter Sky"

Jan 23, 2013.  Day 34 of 365
"Winter light" 

Jan 24, 2013.  Day 35 of 365

Jan 25, 2013.  Day 36 of 365
"Street lamp" 

I cannot believe 5 weeks have already passed since starting this in December!  Time really seems to be flying.  

I just looked outside to see it has finally stopped snowing since this morning around 10.  Although I am happy it has stopped it sure was beautiful from inside my living room:) 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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  1. Wow. Just WOW. There are so many images above that I fell in love with. First off: Your Saturday Morning looks like an AMAZING one. I LOVE that book. I love them all, but Looking really spoke to me. Its so sweet.


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