Things I don't understand.

1) Why on earth are there more than one Judge Judy type shows on television?  

2) Why is February the longest month of the year when it is actually the shortest?

3) Why do I seem to always get sick just when I start to feel the most motivated?

4) Why aren't there more options for Amazon Prime members for movies and shows?  

5) Why is it necessary to get my car inspected EVERY year (stupid PA)?  And why is always so expensive at the most inappropriate times?  

6) Why can't my hair be just curly, and not frizzy, all of the time?

7) Why do I think it's so funny when people fall down? 

8) Why does time seem to go by so much faster the older I get?

9) Why does change have to be such a scary thing? 

10) Why do we wait until the last weekend in January every year to finally take down our Christmas tree?  

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