Husband and I spent Christmas in STL again this year.  Even though it started off rather stressful, we spent most of the time relaxing, playing games, drinking and catching-up.  And looking through old photos.  Grandmal (dad's mom and that is how we pronounce it so that is how I am going to spell it) had to recently sell her house and move into an apartment.  With downsizing comes going through boxes and boxes and boxes and deciding what to keep and what to throw away.  My dad met up with his two brothers, after they sold the house, to go through the various boxes and to decide what goes home with who (or whom?) or what went to the curb.  And much to my surprise he actually came home with a few bins full of old photos and other various items.  Needless to say, Christmas day was spent in front of the fire place going through all the bins.  It took us a couple of hours but it was well worth it just for the many laughs we had over amazing outfits and my mom's awesome hairstyles.

Mom & Me, Christmas circa 1984.  I don't look too sure about Santa (who looks kinda confused by the way) but appears I was bribed with a candy cane.  Good work, Mom.  Good work. 

Shootin' hoops with Dad.  For those who know me, this may come as a surprise but I am actually pretty athletic.  I may trip and fall a lot but I do so with an athletic grace (HA!).  

Me Christmas circa ??  What. Is. That. Pose.  How on earth did I ever find that to be comfortable?  

I look like I may be constipated in the first one and a bit shocked/frightened in the second one.  Sometimes I wish my mom was more of a pack rat.  I bought a sweater t-shirt thing similar to this just this fall.  She could have saved me $15!   

I think this was in Orlando.  I am actually happy about taking a photo and don't have that awkward/half smile/confused look on my face. 

My twin sisters.  M is on the left (she had more hair) and C on the right.  And can you spy my chubby leg and Nike kicks in the background?  And see that car?  It was my mom's first car and the color of puke green.  Gross. 

I think we are at the Memphis Zoo here.  Look at our shorts!  Again, Mom what I would do for those shades.  You should have recycled your clothes to us kids at an earlier age.  Hey KDKA! 

M on the left and C on the right.  I am not sure what is going on in this picture but they both look concerned.  Maybe C is concerned about that itch she has?  

Me and M.  I'm not sure why I am dressed up and she's not.  But don't worry, I don't have a case of early childhood acne.  Just chickenpox.  

Destin, FL.  See that awesome plastic bag on my arm?  Yeah, I broke my elbow when I was in kindergarden practicing a gymnastics move on our swingset.  FAIL.  

The fam checking out the new addition, Moi, in the hospital.  On the far right is great-gran, Honey's mom.  She was such an amazing woman and I was lucky to spend many of my younger years with her.  She smelled like peppermint and always had frozen Snicker bars in her freezer:)  

Mom bringing me to her mom and dads (Honey & Grandaddy) from the hospital.  I was the first grandbaby for Honey & Grandaddy.  Don't they look so happy?  

Perhaps my most favorite picture of my dad and I.  Check out my armpit fat rolls.  And please ignore that nasty brown splatter on my arm.  It's not a birthmark, just got dirty over the years.  

And by far, my most favorite photos I found were of Grandmal and Grandaddy's wedding day.  Don't they look so happy?  I cannot wait to find frames to hang them up.

Showing off her bling.  You go girl! 

Don't they look famous?!  Like someone you have seen before but you can't quite place?  Such a gorgeous couple!

I hope you have enjoyed this journey down memory lane.  Luckily the internet didn't even exist when I was young so this is the first time these photos are surfacing on the world wide web.  Phew! 


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