The 365 Project: Do not eat the seafood bisque...

at Whole Foods that's been sitting out all day.  Or at least that is what I thought was wrong with me until I woke up to husband getting sick this morning:(

Okay, let me back up a little bit.  I have been without a car since our little escapade to get to STL for the holidays so husband picked me up from "work" (aka nannying) on his way to work so I could kill time at Whole Foods while he worked his massage magic.  I was looking forward to some Alyson time browsing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while grabbing dinner at the Whole Foods cafe.  I finally decided on the seafood bisque, kale chips and my favorite Fiji Water with cider from a local cider house for dessert.  I felt great and was looking forward to our weekend as we had actually had plans to go to Mad Mex for our gym's After Christmas Party.  I love Mexican food and Margarittas so needless to say I was pretty excited.  However, my gut had a different plan for me.

I woke up around midnight Thursday night/Friday morning to my my belly rumblin'.  I went downstairs  to take an enzyme in hopes that would settle her.  Without going into too much detail, my belly rejected the enzyme and everything I had for dinner.  And a few times throughout the night.  I didn't leave my temporary sick bed (aka the guest room.  Don't worry, it's been disinfected) until 2 Friday afternoon where all I was able to do was turn on the TV (but not change the channel) and fall asleep again.  The whole time I assumed it was food poisoning as I didn't feel any of that cold sweat achy feeling that is usually an indication of the flu.

However, this morning husband woke up with the same problem and has hardly left the couch since he parked his bum there at midnight last night.  Poor guy.  The only thing I am thankful for is that we did not get sick at the same time and I am now able to take care of him.  Since I am a pro now, I know what will make him feel better (i.e. eating ice cubes and laying on the heating pad).

This is also my excuse to why I have not posted my lastest photos for my 365 Project.  But since I am starting to finally feel myself again (and while husband naps for a while) here the last 8 days:

1/5/13: Day 16 of 365
"Night Lights BW"
"Night Lights" 
"Night Rider BW" 
"Night Rider" 

1/6/13: Day 17 of 365
"1985 Mercedes" 
"Melting Away" 

1/7/13: Day 18 of 365

1/8/13: Day 19 of 365
"Boiling Point"

1/9/13: Day 20 of 365
"Letter C" 

1/10/13: Day 21 of 365
"Happy Hour"

1/11/13: Day 22 of 365
Since I didn't leave my new friend toilet much on this day I thought it only appropriate to take a photo of it:) 

1/12/13: Day 23 of 365

1/13/13: Day 24 of 365
"Music To My Ears BW"
"Music To My Ears"
"Music To My Ears" 

What I have learned this week: 1) I really need to make sure to upload and go through the photos on a daily basis.  I spent like hour this morning going through 5 days worth of photos.  No fun.  Just need to stay super healthy the rest of this winter.  Hello Vitamin C shots! 2)  I really need to pay closer attention to White Balance.  Some of my photos have turned out too orange for my liking.  Boo.  

And I would like to end this post with 2 positive things: 

I got a nice email from Lauren from Kisses From The Misses saying I won a 35% off discount code to Rebecca's Etsy shop A Sweet Little Note.  My first time winning a blog give-away!  I completely forgot I entered this so it was a nice surprise to wake up to:)  Thank you, Lauren!

And check out my new signature!  What do you think?  I have been wanting one of these for a while so I was uber excited to see that Melissa was offering to make blogger signatures for FREE just for liking her Facebook fanpage.  And guess what!  You can snag one too! 

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  1. Wow, your pics are great! I love the detail of the ice one!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout & happy blogging!

    1. Thank you, Melissa!

      You are very welcome for the shoutout:) And thank you for the lovely signature!

  2. I am so sorry about you being sick! I feel extra sorry for you because we've had the exact same thing here - no fevers, just lots of yuck. Glad you're better. I love "Night Rider" and "Melting Away."

    1. Oh no! I am sorry y'all are sick:( No fun. At all. Hope you are feeling better now!

      And thank you!


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