The 365 Project: My biggest surprise

Happy Friday to you!  How was your week?  I hope fast and uneventful (I mean the good kind of uneventful).  Mine was quick (as I only had to work on Thursday, please don't hate but appreciate) and uneventful.  

I have to tell you, I am absolutely loving this 365 Project I have decided to take on.  Initially I was a little nervous as I had visions of freak-outs and feeling overwhelmed.  So far, no freak-outs and I have not at all felt overwhelmed.  I think the most surprising part of this project so far is that I really am enjoying it.  I mean I know I love to take pictures so I knew that wouldn't be the hard part.  What I love the most is the inspiration I have gotten from random things (like my detailed plans to achieve my 2013 goals and Ambridge on New Years night).  It's like an adventure every day to see what will inspire and speak to me.  There is no telling and I love the surprise it brings me!

I know it has not been an entire week since I shared my frist 10 images but I wanted to post today as I hope Fridays to be the days I want to share my The 365 Project updates.  I figure this is a great way to kick of the weekend!  

12/31/12: Day 11 of 365
"New Years Resolutions" 

1/1/13: Day 12 of 365
"Wine & Spirits" BW
"Wine & Sprits"
"Wine & Spirits"

1/2/13: Day 13 of 365
"Breakfast of Champions." 

1/3/13: Day 14 of 365

1/4/13: Day 15 of 365
"Winter Bush." 
"Winter Shadows."
"Road Shadow" 

I realize there are multiple images for the same day.  I just couldn't pick out my favorite.  Isn't that best though?  Being pleased with multiple results?  I think so! 

And please bare in mind as I get used to dating the images 2013.  I had to go back like 4 times just in this post to change the 12 to 13.  That always takes so long to get used to.  

I look forward to what the next week has to offer:)



  1. I love looking at your photos, and I love The 365 project...just may join you on this adventure. Hello 2013!

    1. thanks, Marissa! You are too kind:) I can't wait to see your 365 photos!

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