Capturing My Moments {+ a huge favor}

Hope you enjoyed your last unofficial weekend of Summer (depressing, right?) and are having a lovely Labor Day!  I am gonna go ahead and be cliche and say, "wow, I can't believe it's September!  Where did the Summer go?"  

Our weekend was pretty crazy.  We left the house once to watch the Pirates play the Cards and have a few drinks.  We were home by 1.  Like I said, crazy.  

Anyway, around these parts, a new month brings a recap of my favorites from my #capturingmymoments hashtag project over on Instagram.  If you are new around here, here is the story behind it.  

Again, I am blown away by everyone's perspective of their moments.  And like always, keep up the great work and do follow your fellow Instagrammers.  The more the merrier, right?

I do have one teeny tiny favor to ask of you though.  I would really really really like for #capturingmymoments to reach 1000 photos by 2014.  As of right now, we are at 615.  I think it is possible, I just need your help to spread the word and keep up the hashtagging.  Danke!

How did you spend your long weekend?
Are you as sad as I am that Summer is practically over?
And what are your favorite moments from the month of August?

Linking up with MollyBre, and Sami (a day late) today!

until next time
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  1. As much as I love summer, I *think* I'm ready for all things fall!!!!

  2. Aww thanks so much for featuring my photo! I will be putting a link to this in my next post! :)

  3. I just started instagram...wow, I know. But I will give this a try!

  4. Fun idea! I'll be posting and tagging! :-)

  5. I spent my long weekend moving! haha I imagine a lot of people did. Awesome series, I'll tag some future photos on instagram :)

  6. I´d love to stay in Greece too, I´ve never been there. The pictures are so nice! :)


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