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Today's blogtember prompt is to share links to your favorite shops

Bloom Theory // Stole this from Jenni. I love the idea of cute camera straps rather than the boring plain black ones.  Are these not to die for?

Shutter Bags // I have been carrying around my camera and additional lenses in the bag my first "big camera" came in. While it has served it's purpose, I'd love one of these bigger ones. More space for a new lens, perhaps;)?

Laine Design // With Fall nearing I am in the crocheting mode. I love Keysha's patterns and I think they are reasonably priced.  My favorite pattern is a beginner skill level! I am thinking possible Christmas gifts?!

CAPow // Pinterest is responsible for my new obsession with all thing maps and typography.  I love the b&w PA typography map but the the colorful ones are great as well.

Amy Waltz Designs // Although I am not much of a jewelry person I pretty much want every single piece in her line. Reminds me a lot of Sundance so how could I not be in love?

Yoni Alter // I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh.  And with most "yinzers" I love our city and I love to find unique prints of my city. I think all of the different prints are amazing.  I think I am going to have buy the Pittsburgh one!

Mike Boon // Also with Fall coming, my obsession with Harry Potter related anything is in full swing.  I love the Harry Potter alphabet!  If we have a boy this will be for sure hanging in his room. 

What are your favorite shops?

Linking up with Shanna, Jenni, and Melissa today!  

I'd also like to take the time to thank an in real life (IRL) friend for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  Thank you so much Lauren:)  I am flattered that you enjoy reading.  
Go check out her blog, NOW!  She blogs about her awesome finds for super deals and DIY.  I promise, she won't disappoint.  Thanks again, Lauren!  

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  1. ooooh I love those camera straps, I'm ready to buy a REAL camera just to use those! Love the pa prints and you can crochet me some legwarmers anytime! Oh and you're welcome : )

    1. haha I know, right?! So cute! If I ever master crocheting and reading patterns I will do just that:)

  2. oh!!! i need something new to hang in our condo when we move to the new place... might just have to get something from CAPow

  3. That jewellery and the third bag are gorgeous!! :D

    I found your blog on the blog hop, and am now following! :D


  4. These all look like great shops! I'd really like to get a camera bag that looks more like a purse. And I love the B&W PA print! (I'm originally from PA!)
    Jeans and a Teacup

  5. Ohhhh how I want one of those camera straps, so pretty!


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