cry me a river

(the title has nothing to do with this post.  just so happens to be the song i am listening to at the moment)

Today's Blogtember prompt is; Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. 

I am happy:
... I discovered the Backstreet Boys Pandora Station
... I got off of work 2 hours early today
... I got to see my family last weekend
... I have another wedding to go to this weekend
... I have a lot planned in the next few weeks. 
... that I get paid to hang out with a 4 year old and 18 month old
... that I have a husband who I just can't seem to get enough
... I have 3 day weekends

I am sad:
... that I had to leave my family last weekend and who knows the next time we will all be back together (I am looking at you, Kristin and BJ).
... While I got off early, I don't get paid for those 2 hours. 
... that is has been more than 10 years ago I saw BSB (yeah that's right) in concert. 
... our house just does not seem to stay clean
... leaving my Grandmother because I am never really sure if I am maybe saying good-bye to her for the last time. 
... my camera battery charger seems to no longer want to charge.  

What's making you happy or sad these days?

Since I didn't get the chance to yesterday (read: I watched TV instead), I am sharing my 365 photos with you today.  Since I have one battery life meter thingy left on my camera (and that the charger isn't charging anymore), I have been leaving my camera at home.  So excuse some of these extremely poor quality iPhone photos.  I did the best I could. 

Sept 19, 2013.  Day 273 of 365.
"Out of Focus"

Sept 20, 2013.  Day 274 of 365.

Sept 21, 2013.  Day 275 of 365.
"Sunset Bridge Wedding"

Sept 22, 2013.  Day 276 of 365.
"Futuristic Plane"

Sept 23, 2013.  Day 277 of 365.

Sept 24, 2013.  Day 278 of 365.
"Fall Beauty"

Sept 25, 2013.  Day 279 of 365.
"Fall Candle"

Sept 26, 2013.  Day 280 of 365.
"Fall Morning"

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  1. i am going to listen to JT now because of this title. happy weekend (almost)!

  2. I'm a big fan of the N*Sync Pandora station, myself ;)


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