where do i come from? {blogtember day 1}

me and my family ca. Christmas 1986/1987

This is a question I have always struggled with, at least in the traditional sense of the word.  I was born in Memphis, TN but moved around a lot throughout the south when I was young until we found ourselves piled into our Suburban heading up North to Pittsburgh, PA when I was 12, almost 13.  This move was the first time I remember feeling sad to leave.  I had made a lot of good friends and even had a little bit of a social life that I was having to leave behind.  Not only was I one of the new kids entering early teen hell but I was the one who talked funny.  You know that southern accent stands out when surrounded by yinzers northerners.  Luckily I am athletic and played sports so that helped make the transition a little easier. 

If you are thinking I was an army brat, you would be wrong.  My dad worked in the Waste Management business - I promise he wasn't in the mafia or anything (at least that is what he has told me) so with each new promotion came a need to relocate.  For a long time I felt like one of those 3rd Culture Kids (TCK for short) that both Casey and Bonnie write about it on their blogs.  I never really knew where I fit in.  I mean I know I didn't grow up in another country but there were times like I felt had due to the culture differences between the north and the south.   I talk fast, say y'all, hate the cold weather and love people which at first seemed to be total opposite in the north (don't worry, I realize now that isn't all true). 

While I was not born and raised in Pittsburgh, like most of the people who live here were, when someone asks me where I am from, I now proudly tell them "I am from Pittsburgh."  And as pissed as I was at my parents for relocating us again, I am glad that they did.  Like a lot of TCK feel, I am now grateful for it all.  It has made me who I am today. 

Where are you from?
Did you move around a lot?

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  1. I made one major move and at the time was devastated that my parents would do such a horrible thing to me but looking back I am so thankful they did!

    Great Post!!

  2. I was in the same situation as a kid. Moved around a lot but wasn't an army kid. And I totally know the feeling of always being the odd person out. Never really fitting in because you're from else where. When ever people ask me "Where are you from?" I always ask them. "How much time do you have?"

  3. Beautiful indeed. :)

    I'm from a very small city in India!
    I've been on the wheels for a while, I plan to completely get on the wheels now though.

  4. I can't imagine what childhood must have been like moving around all the time. I'm glad you found a place to call home though!

  5. Officially following you now : ) And always thought your "southern" words were so cool fyi!

    1. haha thanks, Lauren! I am so excited to have someone else in this blogging world that I actually know in real life:) Thanks for following!



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