crochet. read. laundry. business.

Last week:
run. stick to my 13.1 training program. I ran ever day that was scheduled except on Thursday which was a tabata.  Is it wrong that I don't feel that guilty about skipping it?  
organize. make a list of January goals and hang them up. I half made a list on Saturday.  I know I had more goals I hoped to accomplish this month but I forgot them already. 
blog. blog at least 4x this week. Accomplished. 

This week:
crochet. start an infinity scarf for myself before it gets too warm to wear it.
read. read at least 25 pages a day of my book.  Since sharing my list of 25 books I hope to read this year, I realize I need to up my reading.  Instead of watching TV, I need to read.  I really don't know how hard this will be since I am loving the book so far.  I started Winter of the World (just over 900 pages) on Saturday and I am already 65 pages in.
laundry. start laundry and put all of it away after I fold it.
business. I started Craft, Inc last night.  I am only 25 pages in and have already found it useful.  I hope to continue reading this and take notes as I do.  Since it is just a short read, I would like to finish it by next week. 

What are your goals for the week?
How did you do last week?

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until next time
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  1. Crocheting an infinity scarf is something I've been wanting to do too! We'll have to share pics when we are done!! Hope you are feeling better, lady! xoxo

  2. I hope your infinity scarf goes well! That's allot of work to crochet! Good luck on your reading I hope you enjoy your book!

  3. Good luck! I wish the weather here was cold enough to wear an infinity scarf but it's not. I love/hate folding laundry.. once I start it's therapeutic but before that I dread it!

  4. Doing laundry and folding it isn't one of my favourite parts of the week, but it also means in my case that the weekend's close and that's my silver lining to the chore.

    I share your goal of reading, I love it so much, but lately watching TV and being online takes time away from one of my favourite pastimes. Love your idea of setting a fixed amount of pages per day! What's your book about?

    And hope you get to make your scarf. I started last year on a great scarf, but it's taking like forever to finish.

    love from Belgium,


  5. That picture is gorgeous!! I need to work on folding and putting my clothes away this week, too. Good luck with your goals this week!

  6. I love your reading goal! I've never thought about having a daily pages read goal, but it seems so doable. And I hear you on the laundry goal, I absolutely hate the folding part and put it off for as long as possible. Good luck on your wishes this week!

  7. I like your priorities, read, crochet, laundry and business, the only thing missing for me from that lil mental picture you've painted is a nice cup of tea. Also, super cool picture. What camera do you have? :) Hope you have a great week.


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