run. organize.

Last week:
crochet. start an infinity scarf. had to re-start it a few times but I am finally happy with the length.  my mother-in-law showed me how to use a slip stitch to continue in a circle rather than having to wait until I am done to connect the ends.
read. read a least 25 pages every day.  I  was not able to read daily last week but have made up for what I couldn't the past few nights.  I almost read 100 just last night.
laundry. do and put away laundry. accomplished. 
business. finish Craft, Inc. I have not finished it yet but have been making considerable progress the last few days.  i am finding it harder to get through than I thought.  just a lot of business wah wah wah, know what I mean?

This week:
run. keep to my 13.1 training.  because it has been so cold, i didn't run once this past week and weather doesn't look much more promising for the upcoming week.  the husband reminded me of the indoor track that isn't terribly far away for me to get in my speed workouts.  as he said "no more excuses."
organize. i have fallen behind on uploading my 365 photos and video.  i need to dedicate a little more time to doing just that before it gets too overwhelming again.  also, i would like to add more photos to my Society6 page.

I must say, I am really enjoying making weekly goals for myself and posting them once a week.  While I may not get them all accomplished, they are always in the back of my mind. 

What are your goals for the week?
How did you do last week?

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until next time
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  1. Hi Alyson -

    I'm glad you to mostly well on your wishes last week. Laundry is always a nightmare for me. Can't they put themselves away??! Good luck this week. I live in Hawaii and really should have no complaints or excuses on not exercising. I'll think of you when I feel like being lazy - and get my bootie out of the house and into the gym!

  2. What a wonderful idea to post your goals ... and brave! LOL
    I'm afraid I would fall behind every one of mine .... must be the winter blahs!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  3. I really like the weekly goal ideas! It seems like they would be more easily attained! And that is awesome that you are training for a 1/2 marathon! You go girl!

  4. A short and sweet list. I hope you do well this week!


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