lazy saturday

^^ how it all started

As I write this post, I have only gotten out of bed only twice.  And it's 1:48 pm.  Once was to hang out with the husband before he left for work and the second was to go for a run (albeit a short run) and coffee around noon.  But I am back, and it's glorious.  And I don't plan on getting out until I have to like to pee (because unfortunately I forgot to buy myself some adult diapers) and/or the husband gets home.

Saturday was much needed.  It was so nice to be snuggled up in bed without any distractions (i.e. the TV) tempting me.  Something I am going to have to do more often.  Fo sho.  Now excuse me while I turn on Harry Potter and start my scarf. 

How was your weekend?
Anything fun or was it as lazy as mine?

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  1. Just found your blog through the Let's Be Friends link-up so I was browsing some of your posts and I was SO excited to learn that I've finally found another Pittsburgh blogger!!! I've had two blogs, been blogging for a little over two years and I honestly think you are the only other blogger from Pittsburgh I have come across! Glad I stopped by! :)


  2. So, this sounds amazing. Get adult diapers STAT, and you're all set.


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