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I am excited to link up with Melyssa for my first Weekly Wishes today.  There is something about the first of the year that gets me all fired up to make lists and actually wanting to stick to them.

My goals for the week are:
1 // run. i will keep to my 13.1 training schedule this week.  
2 // organize. i will make a goal list of what I hope to accomplish in January and hang it up next to my 2014 goals and my list of 25 books. 
3 // blog. i will post 4 times (including today) this week. 

I am coming off a very sick weekend, so I am still dragging a little today.  A day spent with a 5 year old and 22 month old will set you back a little.  

What do you hope to accomplish this week?

Linking up with Melyssa today!

until next time
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  1. Love the idea of printing out goal lists -- mine are just on my blog :) I also really need to get out and run at least one day this week -- although the 1/2 marathon distance is at least a year away for me. Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. hope you have decent weather to run in!

  3. Eeekkk! 1/2 marathon-how awesome! Good luck with your runs this week!!

  4. I love your goals. I think it's smart to have weekly/monthly/yearly goals - just do things day by day. I also have been trying to keep up with the blogging:


  5. Good luck with your running goals--and the others! I am hoping to start organizing this week too.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Great goals. I love the organizing and blogging goal

  7. Goal lists are such a good idea - I find they're the only way I don't forget things! And nothing is more satisfying than striking an accomplishment off the list. :)


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