I surprised my mom a few days early with a visit to STL the day after Christmas.  She had originally thought I was meeting them in Memphis for my Grandmother's 90th birthday party but my dad and sisters were all able to keep it  hush hush.  Anyway, after a visit to Memphis for the night, I had one full day left with my family before heading back to Pittsburgh to ring in the new year with the husband.  So before my mom and I headed out to grab some photos in Forest Park (a post for another day, I promise!), I grabbed some shots of Charlie, my mom's cat, basking in the late morning sun and warming up on top of the furnace.  

"Maybe if I close my eyes and I can't see you, you won't see me either." - that's what Charlie is thinking. 

My mom got Charlie from an estate sale her and her friend were shopping at for their antique booth.  He spent a good year and a half, at least, on his own, so Mr. Charlie is quite the survivalist.  I mean my mom has to keep all food off of the counter and the garbage locked because Charlie knows how to open it and help himself.  If I were ever to get a cat, I want one just like him.  

Charlie was such a great sport showing off for the camera.  Being that one of my goals for 2014 is to shoot in Manual, I did a little experimenting while Charlie posed for me.  I really love how the natural light from the window made his white fur glow.  I still have a lot to learn in Manual, but I know I am going to have a lot of fun trying. 

Do you have any pets (or do you wish you did)?
Are they good models for you?
Do you shoot in Manual?

And last but not least, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis for some #backthatazzup.  And where have I been?  Mackelmore isn't gay?!

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  1. Eeeeek He is so adorable!! Love your photos! I feel like shooting manual is a neverending learning experience, like you are always learning something new and getting better at it. I try to shoot manual as much as possible but if it's a situation where I don't want to fiddle with settings and need to take quick photos I usually switch it to auto. Thanks for linking up! xo
    P.S. Want to reschedule your co-hosting day?

  2. These are such beautiful pictures! I have a cat and she never gives me "cute" shots like this, so I am jealous.

    Have a fabulous day

  3. Charlie is definitely striking the pose!!! LOL
    Have an awesome weekend
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  4. Charlie is so beautiful! What a good looking cat! I am trying to get into pet photography and I am impressed how well your photos turned out, because pets can be difficult to photograph!

  5. Adorable cat! Yours poses for you, I'm impressed.

  6. Charlie is an awesome cat , just tell him . I have always wanted a cat but I've been pet-less all my life.

  7. Aw, what a handsome little man! I love white & orange cats...they always looks so crisp and clean.

  8. The two doxies I grew up with were given away at a flee market. They were only good models when they were sleeping, but they would snuggle up on top of each other in a picture perfect way.

    I switched to manual about 6 months ago, and it significantly changed the quality of my photos. It is a lot more fun playing with lighting in manual. Learning from trial and error was a lot of fun!

  9. I didn´t care about cats until a strayed one showed up on my door step one cold winter night and I fed him because he looked he could use some food. He stayed around and now I even named him and he lives in my brother´s house these days

  10. Great photos! I neeeeeed to convince my husband to buy me a kitty!
    -newest follower-


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