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Ever since the husband and I have been watching Vikings, I have been wanting to explore the Nordic countries.  With views of the Northern Lights and Right Of Access allowing you to camp on any open land, how could I not want to explore such a beautiful place?  

Have you ever been to Norway?
Where are you wanting to go right now?

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  1. My parents just got back from a trip to Norway several weeks ago. All of the photos that they shared were absolutely stunning, so we also want to travel there sometime soon. I think our next big trip will be Ireland and Scotland. Andrew is half Irish and a quarter Scottish, so he has really been wanting to go. Apparently, there is some castle that he wants to go to that was owned by his family's ancestors or something crazy like that. Regardless, that's our next overseas trip, so Norway will have to be next in line.

  2. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list! I'd love to make a trip to Iceland and camp beneath the lights. :)

  3. looks so beautiful!! a couple of our friends are there right now and I'm totally jealous!

  4. Got back a few months ago from my fourth trip to Norway. I have not seen all the world, but would always choose to include Norway on my itinerary.


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