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In August, the husband and I, along with another couple, went back up to Cook Forest, PA.  This time for the Wine Fest in the Forest.  Instead of camping though, we stayed at the Inn at Cook Forest, right on the Clarion River.   We have never stayed at a B&B before so we didn't have high expectations.  I mean, I was just happy to have a bed to sleep on instead of a crash pad and sleeping bag.  But for the price we paid - I think around $115 - I would have rather taken the crash pad and sleeping bag. 

 I won't go into too much detail - because believe me I could write an entire post dedicated to our experience - but the rooms were outdated, poor communication with the innkeeper, freezer burned-tasting hash browns for breakfast, and the topping on the cake was when the inn keeper got into a heated argument with a customer in front of everyone and then kept talking about to the other customers.  Extremely unprofessional.  So, take my word for it, if you are ever staying the night in Cook Forest, find a cabin on one of the many camp grounds to stay in.  
^I mean look at it.  Looks like it is straight out of the The Shining.  

Anyway, not far from where we stayed is the Old Growth Forest so to get some fresh air and the blood pumping before the wine festival, we headed out for a hike among the beautiful trees.  I lent my camera to my friend to practice because she is thinking of buying a DSLR so I did not get too many photos from the hike.  The trees in The Old Growth Forest range anywhere from 280 and 350 years old.  Pretty amazing to think these trees have been around for as long as they have.  Definitely not as cool as the California Redwoods, but pretty cool for Western Pennsylvania.  

^black and white

After our hike, we headed back to the inn to get dressed then headed to the wine festival.  Since I knew a lot of wine was going to be had I left my "big camera" in our room and only came away with a few photos of the actual wine festival on my phone.  Even though the venue where all of the wineries were pouring the tastings was small and seemed really cramped from all of the people, I wasn't bothered.  But I am pretty sure the wine that had a lot to do with that;).  We each bought a few bottles of wine, grabbed some dinner, then opened a bottle while we chatted over a bonfire in the backyard of the inn.  For August, the weather was chilly so the bonfire was perfect. 

The next morning I was up before everyone else so I headed downstairs, grabbed a coffee and headed outside to get a few photos of the morning fog cover.  We did not think we would have a good day but the Sun did come out for our 4 mile canoe along the Clarion.  

^the blue skies peaking through the fog. 

^The Pale Whale, where we rented canoes both times we have been up there. 

On the way home we stopped at North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock for lunch and some beers/cider before heading home.  Besides the inn and the awkward innkeeper, our weekend was well spent up in Cook Forest.  The husband and I both really like it up there.  I still cannot believe it took us this long to make a trip to this area.  We will definitely be back, if not this Winter to rent out cabins, but next Summer. 

What has your B&B experience been like?
Or are you more of a camper?
Have you ever been to a wine festival?
Did you discover any new places to explore this year?

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  1. Oh yuck, sorry you had such a bad experience at the B&B! Beautiful pics though!


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