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When my alarm went off Monday morning, I rolled over and thought to myself: "Hey, at least it's Friday."  You can imagine the disappoint I felt as soon as I came to a little more and realized, hey you, you dumb ass, it's Monday.  But then I took the long way to work and came across this beautiful sunrise.  Then I didn't hate Monday so much. 

Thursday morning was the exact opposite of Monday morning.  We live in the valley, covered in heavy fog most mornings, but once we reach the top of the hill the sun is shining through trees blinding you.  However, Thursday there was no respite from the fog once I climbed to the top.  However, below's view while listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller on WYEP made for the perfect early October morning. 
Hope everyone had a great week.  HAPPY FRIDAY!  Cheers to the next two days of relaxation and sleeping in. 

What did you capture this week?
What's your favorite part about your morning commute?

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  1. that bottom photo is fabulous and screams fall!

  2. Love that sunrise! Definitely made your Monday more bearable!

  3. Visiting from Aimee's link up. Your pictures are gorgeous, that first one completely took my breath away. So beautiful. :)


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