weekly wishes

dmv: get a new ID.  I have a temporary ID until the request I sent to get a new one comes in.  
gift: order bulk card stock paper. I feel so overwhelmed by where to find them.  Suggestions are very welcome. 
journal: write in one. negative. 

explore. with the changing of the season and the cooler temps all I want to do is snuggle up inside.  I need to get out more and explore with my camera.  I want to capture Fall this year.
crochet. Since it is cooler and rain in the forecast in the beginning of the week, some Harry Potter and working on the blanket I am making sounds like a good plan as well.
ymca.  I have been slacking in the weight lifting department.  Need to get back into the 3x per week routine.

How was your weekend?
What are your goals for the week?

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  1. What are you planning on doing with the card stock? Do you need it to print photos, or are you using it for something else. I may be able to recommend a few places. :)

  2. You`ve probably checked there already, but amazon is my go-to place for just about everything.
    Harry Potter and blanket crocheting sounds like my idea of a perfect evening!

  3. Snuggling in bed with Harry Potter during a rainy day sounds like the perfect plan! :D

  4. Following new here from last week's Mingle Monday!


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