365 brought to you by the walking dead

The past week has been one with lots of coughing, TV watching, nose blowing, tea drinking and lemons.  Seriously, I am like the walking dead over.  I am finally starting to feel better again.  I swear, this is the sickest winter for me to date.  I just really need to stop kissing those adorable kiddos I nanny for on the reg.  We shall see how long that lasts...

Without further adieu, here are my photos from the week:

Feb 9, 2013.  Day 51 of 365
{I was laying on the couch and loved the patterns the light coming in from the window left on the coffee table.}

Feb 10, 2013.  Day 52 of 365. 
{Not my favorite photo but like I said, I wasn't feeling great and knew I had to capture something so this is what I got.  Tea and lemons have become my new bff.}

Feb 11, 2013.  Day 53 of 365.
"Wind Chime" 
{In an attempt to get some fresh air I headed out on our front porch.  It was one of those freak February 55 degree mornings.  Of course I was sick so I wasn't really able to enjoy it.}

Feb 12, 2013.  Day 54 of 365.
"Country Red"
{After a few weeks of not feeling wine I finally started to crave it again.  This was on sale for $7.  I really like it  and ended up getting another bottle yesterday:)}

Feb 13, 2013.  Day 55 of 365.
{I was able to get out on a walk with the 10 month old I watch.  I loved the pop of color on our walk back home.}

Feb 14, 2013.  Day 56 of 365.
"Traditional Medicinals"
{If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen a similar shot.  The home I nanny in has great lighting and I just loved the way the light hit my afternoon tea.}

Feb 15, 2013.  Day 57 of 365.
{These little dinos have been re-appearing the last few days.  Never fails to put a smile on my face}

Happy weekend (it's after 5 here in the east)!  Hope everyone had a great week! 

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  1. I love this little project you are doing. I went through and looked at all the photographs you've taken and they are really great!

    I think I might start the 365 project today. A bit late in to the year, but better late than never, right?

  2. Can that little dino not make you smile?!


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