Who you rootin' for?

I was over the football season before it really started.  However, being that I live in Pittsburgh, Sundays were dedicated to Steelers football.  And despite my husband's predictions that they were going all the way (he says this literally every year), the Steelers didn't even make it to the playoffs.  Personally I was pretty happy (sorry to all the men in my life) because my Sundays were once again completely free (must always look at the positives, right?) to do whatever I wanted.

However, today is the day of truth.  The day football fans look forward to every year.  Today is the Superbowl where the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers meet at the Superdome in New Orleans to decide who are the true football badasses of the 2012 season.  Personally, I plan on stuffing my face with tacos, working on a crochet project that I keep putting off, and continually browsing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Being that I am from Steeler Country I am familiar with my fare share of Superbowl Sundays rootin' for the home team.  Yes, I have to gloat.  But I find this year is especially hard to watch because I hate the Ravens.  Like a lot.  They are our biggest rivals and I may or may not have gotten into a verbal argument with some of their fans back in 2009 during the AFC Championship game (which we won by the way).  You can blame the alcohol.  But they started it, they called me a bitch.  What was I supposed to do?

Anyway, if you need some help in who to root for, here are just a few reasons you should root against Baltimore:

1) Patrick Willis (49ers) had a difficult upbringing but persevered and has become one of the best and most respected linebackers in the game.  Ray Lewis (Ravens) is most likely a murderer who threw his friends under the bus in order to save his own ass.

2) Black and Purple (Ravens) is so 6th grade.  And while Red and Gold (49ers) aren't particularly pretty, I find them to be more respectable.

3) The Ravens originally came from Cleveland.  And let's be honest, not much can be said about a city where its river catches on fire.

4) Have you ever heard anyone say "oh yeah, I hear Maryland is pretty cool."  Me neither.

5) CA is longer. (that's what she said)

6) San Francisco is home to wholesome television and movies such as Full House and Mrs Doubtfire.  Baltimore has The Wire (while a great a show) about drugs and murder.  I'm sure Ray Lewis could relate though.

Hope this helps a little.  No?  Well there are always the commercials to look forward to.  And you can bet your pretty little ass I'll be anxiously waiting for the trailer to Brad's new movie World War Z.

*These opinions are mine and mine alone.  They are meant to be funny and not to offend anyone.    

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  1. I am going for the 49ers ... Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!!

    1. Great choice. Too bad they take better advantage of that power outage though:(

  2. I also share a love of Brad Pitt and LOVED the trailer, although I didn't know it was coming :)

    1. THAT, Angie, is why we always got along so well! I actually missed it but since first learning the trailer was out I think I've watched it like every day. Serious.

      Sorry to your fiance and future in-laws for their loss on Sunday. Good thing, I guess, since the Steelers still reign as the winner of most Superbowls:)

  3. hahaha... that's what she said... I was over the season before it started too. I work part time in a sports bar so I know a bit about whats going on, but not much. I wish I knew enough about the game to get into an argument with someone haha. They called you a bitch? Over football?! RUDE. Since you HATE the Ravens, you must be happy with the results!

    1. I know, right! Very rude. So of course I had to defend myself. You know how that goes;) And I just couldn't resist the "that's what she said." I try my best to include it in conversation as much as possible:)

  4. So I come over to your blog for a little peek at what's going on, get excited to see a Super Bowl post, and then get this nonsense! Against the Ravens?! At least now I can say they WON! :)

    But hey, I'm a Baltimore bred Ravens fan sooo I think there's reason for that. And I certainly could never, ever, ever root for the Steelers either. And I'm sorry about a Ravens fan being bitchy. There are crazy fans on both sides wearing their teams colored glasses, but don't you just wish we could find a way to get along?! Or at least be civil??

    So now I'm on to find a post of yours full of lovely, non-Ravens bashing talk. ;)

    1. hehe yeah, I had to! sorry:) But I am glad you understand where I'm coming from. And trust me I am sure there are plenty "yinzers" who have been pretty harsh fans as well. Testosterone and competition don't mix well sometimes. haha

      I am glad you aren't going to hold this against me though:) I hope you liked what you read (besides this post) and do stay a while!


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