I said do NOT restore to original

The trusty iPhone has been running slow lately with notifications that there isn't enough storage to update this app (or that app) or take another photo.  And when I get told I cannot take a photo I get cranky.  So, I decided to restore the ol' girl back to it's original state (back to being like a brand new phone).  While I lost all my apps as a result, she was running better and I finally was able to take photos without that oh so very annoying "there isn't enough storage" notification. 

Things were going well. I had uploaded my app favorites and must haves (aka Instagram and Afterglow) so I was happy.  I nanny for 2 adorable little girls and am always taking photos of their cuteness to send to their parents.  I had close to 80 photos taken since the restore on Tuesday or Wednesday with some of them being the cutest moments between the two sisters.  

Anyway, this morning I connected the phone to itunes to charge while I got ready for my girl appointment and browse the internet and blogs.  When the phone connected to itunes it asked me if I wanted to get back everything onto the phone that I had before the restore. It gave me two options; to recover or to not recover.  Well, I thought I clicked the "to NOT recover" option.  Since I was in a rush I guess I clicked the "to recover" option.  I was annoyed because I had to wait another 5 minutes for it to finish.  But it wasn't until I was looking through my photos that I realized the photos I had taken this week were gone and it was not until I sat down at the computer to upload the last 7 days of my 365 project that it hit me that one of the photos that had been deleted was one I wanted to use for one of the 365.  Insert a few curse words and a mild panic attack, I headed over to my Instagram feed and was relieved to discover I uploaded a photo on that day.  PHHHEEEEEEEEEW!

So although it was not the image I had originally wanted I can rest easy knowing that I every photo I share was indeed taken on their respective days. 

Without further adieu,

 Feb 16, 2013.  Day 58 of 365.
"blurry blurry night" 
{taken from our back deck}

Feb 17, 2013.  Day 59 of 365.
{While husband did his Bikram, I roamed around Lawrenceville in my red jeans}

Feb 18, 2013.  Day 60 of 365.
"Dessert with a side"
{I treated myself to some popcorn after dinner with a side of blogging}

Feb 19, 2013.  Day 61 of 365.
"Sisterly Love"
{TGFI (Thank God For Instagram)!  Saved my little ass today.  Otherwise, I was thinking of starting all over again.  
Even though it wasn't the one I wanted, is this not one of the cutest moments you have ever seen?!}

Feb 20, 2013.  Day 62 of 365.
{I noticed this for the first time a few days ago driving home from my nanny gig.  I knew I wanted to get a photo but wasn't able to get the chance until this day.  And I think it turned out great against the snow.  I love the contrast.}

Feb 21, 2013.  Day 63 of 365.
"Winter Pine"

Feb 22, 2013.  Day 64 of 365.
{Vornado has become my new best friend.  Husband got this to warm up the living room while he does his Bikram at home.  He spent more than I would have liked for a space heater and I may or may not have got mad at him for it.  I have since forgiven him though:)}

Lesson:  When in doubt, always always always import photos.  Because you just never know. 

Happy Friday! 
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