Quotable Caps

In case you haven't noticed yet I really really really really kinda like quotes.  I have been a collector of them for years.  I have journals full of them.  I even use one of my new favorite quotes as a bookmark. 

Along with really really really really kinda liking quotes I really really really really kinda like Honest Tea.  Our favorite flavor around here is Black Forest Berry.  It's that amount of sweet that is just perfect and thirst quenching.  Fortunately, with my husbands many trips during the week, we have been able to buy a case of them rather than just buying them individually.  Lucky for our wallets that doesn't really happen but once a month:)  

I am sure you are wondering what on earth do quotes and the thirst quenching deliciousness of Honest Tea have to do with each other.  Well, on the inside of each lid is a quote.  The first thing I do when I open the tea is check the quote.  If we agree it's a good one it heads into the junk drawer, where I have between 10 to 12 stored that I plan on using in some sort of crafty way one of these days (if you have ideas, this is where you can share them.  Thanks in advance!).  

The other day, I opened a bottle and this was inside the cap.  Husband and I both agreed it was a good one and a keeper.  So before it made it's home in the junk drawer I took a photo.  

Good one, huh?!  

What about you?  Have you heard of Honest Tea?  Do you get as excited as I do to check the quote under the lid? 

Happy HUMP Day:) 
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