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Sooo, I lost a little over a pound last week.  Unfortunately it is just one pound from the two I gained last week. I am not really sure how though because I wasn't great (again) about watching what I ate and certainly didn't keep track on MFP (I blame that on it not allowing me to add anything yesterday. ha.).  But hey, it's a loss and I'll take it.

Also, I am so happy some of y'all expressed interested in participating in a 365 link-up!  So, today I would like to talk a little more about what I have in mind.  

What do you think about me providing prompts to you every week?
  Have you heard of ProjectLife365? It's a great interactive photo-a-day project for those who have always been interested in completing one.  What I think is both nice and sometimes a little hard is that they share prompts at the beginning of each week to photograph.  While I have found some of the prompts nice on those days where I am having a difficult time finding something to photograph, some of them are pretty hard.  Which can be good to get your creative juices flowing a little but there are just some days where that is extra hard (am I right or am I right?).  However, if I did choose to share daily prompts, 1) I would love for y'all to make suggestions and 2) they would be more like suggestions rather than the rule to help on those less creative feeling days.

Anyway, can you believe today is 335 of 365 for me?  Only 30 more days until my first 365 is complete and I already can't wait to continue on to another year.  I am thinking about trying to only shoot in Manual (when using my DSLR).  I want to be able to look at a scene and just know aperture and shutter speed I need.  That is my goal for the coming year I suppose.

Nov 14, 2013.  Day 329 of 365
"Morning Light"

Nov 15, 2013.  Day 330 of 365
"Story of my Life"

Nov 16, 2013.  Day 331 of 365

Nov 17, 2013.  Day 332 of 365
"Rainy Pane"

Nov 18, 2013.  Day 333 of 365.
"Morning Commute Sunrise"

Nov 19, 2013.  Day 334 of 365.
"Road Stop Shoot (2)"

"Road Stop Shoot"

Nov 20, 2013.  Day 335 of 365  

What do you think?  
Yay or Nay to prompts?
What are your photography related goals for the coming year? 

Linking up wit  Heather and Shanna today! 
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  1. i like the idea of prompts! gives me something to focus on!

  2. Congrats on your loss! Your photos are beautiful!


  3. This all sounds so great! :) I'm excited!!


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